A new way to treat NAR

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Non-allergic rhinitis has been treated up until now with conventional treatments such as decongestant spray, corticosteroids and, in some cases, surgery. Long-term use of decongestant nasal spray can itself give rise to chronic nasal congestion, so called Rhinitis medicamentosa.

Chordate Medical has developed a treatment method called “Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation” (KOS). This method represents a new way to treat Non-allergic rhinitis that does not require the use of surgery, anaesthesia or pharmaceuticals.

The method consists of inserting a balloon catheter into each nostril for ten minutes at a time. The balloon catheter is inflated with air to a pre-set pressure and is then set to vibrate at a specific frequency using computer-controlled system.

The KOS treatment effectiveness is due to the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system and nasal mucosa. A single treatment lasts 20 minutes and can be administered by a doctor or nurse in an out-patient clinic. Although symptoms oftens improve with just a single treatment, patient monitoring studies have shown the treatment effect is increased if the patient completes two consecutive treatment sessions, 4 weeks apart.

The latest KOS clinical study for treatment of Non-allergic rhinitis showed a 55 percent improvement in the total vasomotor rhinitis score (TVRSS), 8 weeks later for patients who received two treatments.¹ The positive effects of KOS can be maintained for several months. Monitoring of the patients showed that many had residual improvement of their symptoms more than twelve months after treatment.²

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