Chordate Medical strengthens its Board of Directors

8 October, 2021

Caroline Lundgren Brandberg was recently elected as a member of Chordate Medical’s Board of Directors. With a long career in sales, marketing and business development, Caroline will contribute important competencies and a new perspective to the Board. Here, Caroline talks about why she chose to take on the role as well as her hopes for what is to come for Chordate Medical.

Chordate Medical is in an exciting phase where it is preparing to build a clear market position in selected markets. As part of the work to succeed in its market establishment, the Board of Directors has been strengthened with the addition of Caroline Lundgren Brandberg, who was elected as board member during the company’s Extraordinary General Meeting on October 5th. In the same meeting, Chairman Henrik Rammer and Board members Tommy Hedberg and Gunilla Lundmark were re-elected. 

Interview with Caroline Lundgren Brandberg

Caroline Lundgren Brandberg holds a Master of Science in engineering physics from Uppsala University and an Executive MBA from Stockholm University. Since August 2021, Lundgren Brandberg has been Global Sales Director at the climate tech company Deedster. She has also previously held a role as Global Partner Director at Viddget (formally Intaktus) and has had a long career at Ericsson where she held several managerial positions.

Caroline, could you give a brief description of your professional background?

– I have lived and worked internationally for more than 15 years in leading business-related positions within Ericsson in Sweden and Singapore. During these years, I have worked with sales, marketing, product development, business development, and I have worked actively on several boards within both companies and foundations.

– During my Executive MBA, a large commitment to climate-related issues began to take shape, and I have since worked with climate and sustainability initiatives in both business and civil society. I am currently working as Global Sales Director at the climate tech company Deedster.

What attracted you to take on the role of board member of Chordate Medical?

– I see enormous potential in Chordate’s products and an opportunity to help people with both chronic migraine and nasal congestion. Scientific literature indicates that between 110-170 million people worldwide suffer from chronic migraine and the WHO estimates that 6-8 per cent among men and 15-18 per cent among women in Europe and America are diagnosed with migraine annually. This also means that migraine can be seen as a woman’s disease, which gives me another reason for my big commitment to the company. I also have several family members who suffer from migraine, so I know the suffering it causes. In addition, current treatment strategies have insufficient efficacy and significant side effects.

What do you bring from your previous experience to Chordate Medical’s Board of Directors?  

– Since I have both researched and worked with steering of hybrid organisations, I believe that I can contribute with a broader focus in the board. I have also worked a lot with international partner sales, marketing and business development and will bring the experience from these parts into the board work at Chordate. I also hope to be able to contribute with additional energy and new perspectives in the work in the future.

Finally, what milestones do you see in front of you and what will you focus on to get the company toachieve these?

– I strongly believe in the company’s business concept of helping people with chronic conditions and diseases to cure or manage – over a longer period of time – using a patented treatment method that is neither surgery nor drug-based and does not cause any side effects. My goal is to be able to help as many people as possible with this and at the same time create significant value for our customers and shareholders.

– I believe that one important milestone for the company, in the longer term, will be to prove that our product is attractive in a selection of countries, thus giving us the opportunity to sell the company to a larger player equipped with an established sales network. This will help give way to a scaled up roll-out and sale of Chordate’s products on the international market. My focus will therefore be on both supporting the CEO in the implementation of the business plan and contributing to the work in the long-term strategy for the company.

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