Chordate Medical receives rhinitis-order from private hospital chain in Jeddah

Chordate Medical has received an initial order for equipment and supplies to the treatment method K.O.S for chronic rhinitis via the company’s distributor in Saudi Arabia, Janin Medical. The customer is the private healthcare company Nahdi Care Clinics, with four hospitals located in the country’s second largest city, Jeddah.

“The healthcare company has evaluated K.O.S for some time and treated approximately 30 patients. They have now placed a small initial order worth around SEK 120,000 for one of their hospitals, and we expect that they will shortly place orders for two more of their four care facilities. In most cases, the treatments at NadiCare are reimbursed by insurance from the private healthcare insurance company BUPA Arabia. One can roughly expect that a patient in Saudi Arabia means an average annual revenue from end-user sales stage of around SEK 10,000”, says Anders Weilandt, CEO of Chordate.

Three publicly owned hospitals in Jeddah, Makkah and Dammam have also evaluated K.O.S and Janin Medical expects incoming orders from all three. In addition to incoming orders for K.O.S for rhinitis, Janin Medical is also driving the process of registering a market authorization for K.O.S for chronic migraine, where the registration process will take at least two months.

“Since we’ll receive more and more orders for the rhinitis treatment, the road to a market permit for the migraine indication is shorter and less difficult than before.”

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has previously approved Janin Medical as Chordate’s new authorized representative in the country, and transfer of the market authorization for the rhinitis treatment to Janin.

Chronic rhinitis in Saudi Arabia

The prevalence of chronic rhinitis is high in Saudi Arabia due to air pollution in major cities, high incidence of mites and mold spores, combined with constant alternation between high outdoor temperatures and cold indoor environments. Chronic rhinitis is considered a major health problem that has been given a lot of attention. The overall picture is that treatment should be given 2-3 times more often than in Northern Europe due to the low air quality. Excessive long-term use of nasal spray is also very common and is seen as a very urgent problem to overcome, even here the K.O.S treatment is seen as a valuable therapeutic tool.

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