The market for rhinitis

Approximately 1.3 percent of the world population say that chronic nasal congestion (rhinitis) negatively impact their lives to the point that they need to seek help. Those affected often have difficulty breathing which results in further problems, such as a dry mouth, snoring and impaired speech ability. The symptoms are often perceived as common but chronic colds.

Valuable alternative

When rhinitis patients are referred to a specialist, they are usually treated by primary care units and at ear-nose-throat clinics (ENT). The treatment options that exist today mainly consist of decongesting nasal sprays as well as fairly advanced surgical procedures. None of the alternatives are without risk and the prolonged use of nasal spray can become addictive. A sensible preventive alternative is simply lacking from the healthcare market. K.O.S. treatment has been shown in studies to be a valuable alternative that has few or no unexpected side effects.

Huge potential

Our treatment for nasal congestion is CE marked and has been approved for sale in the Nordics, the EU, Israel and Saudi Arabia. We sell through distributors in the Nordics, Italy and Israel. In these markets, some 2.1 million people are prospective Chordate patients. Based on only one treatment per year and with the treatment method having proved effective for 55 percent of treated patients, this corresponds to a maximum potential turnover of around SEK 850 million per year for treatments with the current pricing.

To further strengthen the scientific evidence, we are conducting a long-term follow-up study of approximately 300 patients at 13 university clinics in six countries in the EU and UK. The study is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2021. However, Covid-19 has delayed the study somewhat.

In 2020, a study was published by the University of Amsterdam that analyzed the data material from an older study from 2013-14. It concluded that the K.O.S. treatment has a significantly better effect than placebos. This confirms our view that the market for K.O.S. has great potential.​

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