Business Case

Everything we do is based on a strong conviction that people are increasingly seeking alternatives that can eliminate, or alleviate pain without drugs, and thus almost without any side effects. Neurostimulation, which is our area of development, is such an alternative.

Global medtech companies also share this view and invest large sums in the neurostimulation/neuromodulation sector on a yearly basis, targeting a variety of different medical conditions. In 2024, the global market for neurostimulation products is expected to be worth around SEK 132.8 billion.

Rhinitis and migraine

We have decided to focus our business on chronic rhinitis and migraine. Initially, Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation, K.O.S, was exclusively used to treat rhinitis, but after a while, doctors discovered that many of the treated patients also experienced that their migraine conditions improved. That is the reason why we started investigating how K.O.S. can also be used to treat migraine.

Nasal congestion and migraine affect a large number of people across the world. Our nasal congestion treatment is available in the Nordics, on selected markets in EU, Israel and Saudi Arabia. At the moment, we are conducting important clinical studies concerning both of these therapeutic areas.

The study on the preventive treatment of chronic migraine has been delayed due to Covid-19, but is expected to start treatment of the last patients in the third quarter of 2021.

In the spring of 2019, an interim analysis was conducted and recommended that we continue the trial without modifying the number of patients taking part. We interpret this as a strong indication that the design of the study is correct, and that it is likely to achieve the desired result. Chordate was in May of 2021 awarded a EC-mark for the indication "preventive treatment of chronic migraine in adults", based on data from the interim analysis.

You can read more about the clinical trials here.

A clear exit strategy

Chordate Medical has a clear exit strategy. We have built our market capitalization on three pillars: a comprehensive patent portfolio, strong scientific evidence from clinical trials, and by demonstrating early sales achievements in a few selected markets.

CEO Anders Weilandt talks about Chordate's plans here.

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