Chronic nasal congestion, rhinitis, can be caused by excessive and prolonged use of nasal spray, but can also occur without a clear cause. Patients with chronic rhinitis usually have difficulty breathing through the nose, experience resistance when talking or during physical exertion, and have impaired sleep quality. If the cause is not allergic, there has been no existing treatment – until now. Chordate’s Ozilia® Migraine treatment provides significant relief to more than half of all patients with chronic rhinitis. The treatment is already available for sale in selected EU markets and Saudi Arabia.

What do the experts say?

Patients who respond to the treatment experience a much higher quality of life.


Bengt Pergel, ENT surgeon

”When patients come to see me, they’re often desperate after having suffered from a congested nose over a longer period of time. They have previously received many different treatments when seeking medical help, but none of them have treated their non-allergic nose congestion,” says Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon Bengt Pergel, who has a long experience of treating patients with chronic rhinitis and of using Ozilia® Migraine. treatment.

“Many patients experience improvement immediately after undergoing Ozilia® Migraine. treatment. For others, it may take a few days before they experience any effects. The treatment is simple and painless. Most patients state that they experience some discomfort in their nose during treatment but that is all.

Bengt Pergel emphasizes the importance of patients undergoing a thorough examination before receiving the treatment to ensure that their symptoms are properly diagnosed.

”The patients who respond to the treatment experience a much higher quality of life. The nose starts to work normally again and contributes to them getting a better quality of sleep. I’ve seen patients who still benefit from the treatment 16 months after receiving it.”

”It is recommended that a patient receives two Ozilia® Migraine treatments with approximately one month’s interval. Patients who respond to the treatment experience an improvement after the first treatment, and some feel that they don’t need any more treatments. But the majority of patients undergo a second treatment session. These patients report a significant improvement of their symptoms and say that the effect of the treatment lasts longer. This is a simple, cost-effective and gentle medical treatment, Bengt Pergel says.

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