How K.O.S is used

Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation, abbreviated K.O.S, is a painless and effective way to treat chronic rhinitis. The same treatment has also been shown to be effective against chronic migraine. This is now the subject of a larger study that was finalized in July, 2022. A scientific article is expected to be completed and submitted for scientific review no earlier than the end of the third quarter of 2022.

How the treatment works

The K.O.S treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be performed by either a doctor or a nurse. The system consists of a catheter that is connected to a control unit equipped with a touch screen. A balloon is mounted on the catheter, which is inserted into the patient’s nasal cavity and then inflated. With the aid of the control unit, a kinetic oscillation stimulation is then started at a fixed frequency. After about 10 minutes, the control unit shows that the treatment is completed for one nostril. Then the other nostril is treated in the same way. 

No pain

For the patient’s comfort, and to keep the catheter in the correct position throughout the treatment, the use of a headband is recommended during the treatment. This makes it easier for the physician or nurse responsible to keep the catheter in place, and makes it more gentle for the patient. The treatment may be experienced as a little uncomfortable, but is almost completely painless. The effect of the treatment is immediate, but the full effect is achieved after about one day. It should then be repeated one or two times a year so that the effect does not wear off.

The balloon is inflated with air and a kinetic oscillation stimulation begins automatically. When the first nasal cavity has been treated, the control unit displays instructions for starting treatment of the second nasal cavity.

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