Finwire Interview: CEO Anders Weilandt on Chordate Medical’s Q1 Report

Today, May 24, Chordate’s CEO Anders Weilandt presented the company’s Q1 report for 2024 on Finwire TV. He also answered questions from viewers and talked, among other things, about the reception of Ozilia in industrial and investor circles.

“Based on the results delivered by PM007, they can see, sometimes with quite a bit of surprise, how effective this is. We can show that we are as good as or better in terms of medical efficacy, we have as good or better response than all other alternatives, and we have no side effect profile to speak of. Then you can see that this must be taken seriously, especially since many people know that many patients prefer to avoid their heavy medications.”

“Industry evaluators see that this is extremely exciting, that’s the impression we have. This also applies to the clinical side, where many doctors and clinics want to have other options in their toolbox to offer patients when they run out of alternatives. So, the reception is very positive, I would say.”

Watch the full interview below:

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