Interview: Italian professor on new successful K.O.S study: “A very valuable tool”

In a new interview with Biostock, principal investigator Dr. Lino Di Rienzo Businco discusses the new study titled “Effectiveness of Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation Treatment in Persistent Moderate-Severe Allergic Rhinitis Compared to Medical Therapy“. The study shows that Chordate’s K.O.S treatment improves nasal airflow more effectively than medical therapy alone in cases of persistent moderate to severe allergic rhinitis. Dr. Businco is an otolaryngologist, an expert in sports medicine, and has been treating patients with K.O.S for several years, including top athletes in Italy’s Olympic team.

“Key take away is the capability of K.O.S to complete the effectiveness of the standard medical care for allergic rhinitis with a very effective, non-invasive treatment and high patient compliance. Nasal obstruction, runny nose, nasal discharge, itching, and sneezing are better controlled when adding  an effective treatment against neurogenic inflammation. Otherwise, symptoms are not always well controlled in this special group of patients with moderate to severe allergic rhinitis,” says Dr. Businco to Biostock.

Chordate Medical has not previously investigated the effects of K.O.S on allergic rhinitis to a significant extent, which means that the study results open up new potential opportunities for the company.

“The innovative concept is that K.O.S not only has a positive effect on non-allergic patients, but even on allergic patients in an effective way to better control the symptoms and improve the efficiency of standard drugs such as nasal sprays, steroid sprays, and antihistamines, and perhaps even reduce the need for these medications with their associated side effects”, says Dr. Businco.

K.O.S is a CE-marked, neuromodulating, and drug-free treatment technique for chronic migraines and chronic nasal congestion (rhinitis). The treatment has proven efficacy and is marketed in Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Chordate Medical is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm (ticker symbol: CMH).

Watch the full interview with Dr. Lino Di Rienzo Businco below.

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