11 Italian clinics now offers the K.O.S treatment for chronic rhinitis

Chordate's Italian distributor Ve.Di.Se. Hospital S.P.A. now has installations offering K.O.S treatment for chronic rhinitis in eleven clinics around the country, from Tradate and Verona in the north to Bari in the south. At the same time, Vedise's work with the introduction of K.O.S also as a treatment for chronic migraine in Italy continues.

“K.O.S is now starting to establish itself as a medical treatment in Italy and we expect that the number of clinics offering K.O.S for chronic rhinitis will continue to increase. The standstill of almost two years that Covid19 caused in Italy was longer than in most markets, the accumulated healthcare backlog is still tangible. Vedise's long experience and large network of clinics are also of great value in their ongoing work to introduce K.O.S as a treatment for chronic migraine”, says Chordate CEO Anders Weilandt.

Chordate and Vedise began their collaboration at the end of 2018 when the parties signed an exclusive distribution partnership for Italy. The K.O.S treatment is now offered for chronic rhinitis in eleven clinics, and the plan is to increase the number of clinics further in 2023. Since August 2022, Vedise is investing large resources in being able to start offering K.O.S also for chronic migraine.

“The positive results from the migraine study have given further momentum to this project. Italy is an important market for us, partly because it’s one of Europe's largest medtech markets and partly because we expect that K.O.S will soon be offered both for chronic rhinitis and chronic migraine in the country. That makes Italy a strong example of proof-of-concept for us”.

Vedise is a well-established player in the Italian market, having supplied medical devices to public hospitals and private clinics for over 30 years. The distributor has a close collaboration with the medical profession.

Read more about Vedise Hospital: https://vedise.com/

See where Vedise offers K.O.S for chronic rhinitis in Italy: https://vedisekos.it/ (the eleventh clinic, located in Rome, is not yet marked on the map).

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