Chordate Medical Holding AB (publ) Interim Report January-March 2024

Summary of the period January–March 2024

  • Net turnover was SEK 257,677 (120,421)
  • Cash flow from operating activities was SEK -5,908,058 (-8,479,928)
  • Profit/loss after financial items was SEK -6,019,201 (-7,113,134)
  • Profit/loss after tax was SEK -6,019,201 (-7,113,134)
  • Earnings per share were SEK -0.02 (-0.03)

Breakthrough in several markets and strengthened cash flow via an issue
During the first quarter of the year, much of our focus has been on introducing Ozilia Migraine in the industry and investor circles surrounding Life Science. During several investor congresses, we have connected with interesting contacts who see the potential in Ozilia.

We find another highlight during the first months of the year in Germany, where the first migraine patients started treatment with Ozilia. It is very satisfying that the first clinic with private paying patients has started on a central focus market.

  • First migraine patients treated in Germany
  • Strong interest at several investing congresses
  • New case report on Ozilia published: “Effective for both pain relief and reduced frequency of migraine attacks”
  • Patents approved in Europe and USA
  • Cash strengthened by approximately SEK 23 million before costs after the rights issue. Additional proceeds may come from warrant series T08

First migraine patients treated in Germany
At the beginning of January, Chordate trained clinic staff and assisted in the initiation of treatment for the first three patients in Germany. Chordate and the clinic signed an agreement in November 2023 for the installation of Chordate's drug-free alternative for preventive migraine treatment.

At the end of January, we also signed an agreement with a second clinic in Germany. The Company's ambition for the German market is to eventually also establish individual insurance compensation for the treatment. This is a key first step for being able to further scale up sales.

Strong interest at several investing congresses
We participated during the first quarter and thereafter in several international investing congresses that target Life Science, including in Switzerland, London and Oslo. As Ozilia reaches higher levels of acceptance and success on our focus markets, we are working to increase knowledge about the Company and Ozilia among potential investors and buyers of the Company. This is part of the Company's overarching strategy and thus something we will continue to work with even during the rest of the year.

New case report on Ozilia published: “Effective for both pain relief and reduced frequency of migraine attacks”
In March, an Italian case report on Ozilia by a team at Campus BioBedico in Rome was published in the prestigious scientific journal Cephalalgia Reports. The case report describes a 60-year-old male patient whose days with migraines decreased significantly, from 18 to 7 days per month, with a simultaneous significant reduction in pain level.

The article also indicates that pain relief and reduction of migraine days from the initial treatment period had a sustained effect. After about three months, the patient underwent another treatment period with Ozilia, resulting in a quicker and more significant response.

Patents approved in Europe and the USA
In February, the European Patent Office granted Chordate's patent application EP 20163024.1 from 2020. The patent application pertains to the Company's treatment technique Ozilia, especially targeting chronic migraine. After the end of the period, at the beginning of May, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced its intention to grant Chordate's patent application US 17/942,912 from 2022.

The Company thus currently has 79 patents distributed between 32 countries and 9 patent families related to different aspects of the Company's treatment techniques. Each newly granted patent is positive since the Company’s intellectual property rights enable exclusivity on the market, which is a pillar of the ownership value the Company is building.

Strengthened cash after rights issue
The rights issue conducted in January 2024 was subscribed to approximately 55 percent and raised approximately SEK 23 million for the Company before issue costs, and in the event of full exercise of all warrants series TO 8 that are issued, Chordate Medical may receive additional proceeds in November 2024.

Focus in 2024

  • Proof-of-Concept in the focus markets
  • Generate attention in the industry and investor circles
  • Product registration in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA
  • The studies PM009 and PM010

Kista, May 2024
Anders Weilandt, CEO

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