Chordate Medical Holding (publ) Interim Report July-September 2023

Summary of the period July–September 2023

  • Net turnover was SEK 210,947 (0)
  • Cash flow from operating activities was SEK -4,961,395 (-5,623,481)
  • Profit/loss after financial items was SEK -4,938,361 (-6,139,836)
  • Profit/loss after tax was SEK -4,938,361 (-6,139,836)
  • Earnings per share were SEK -0.02 (-0.04)

Summary of the period January–September 2023

  • Net turnover was SEK 494,684 (88,170)
  • Cash flow from operating activities was SEK -19,761,647 (-18,852,271)
  • Profit/loss after financial items was SEK -19,343,762 (-19,481,497)
  • Profit/loss after tax was SEK -19,343,762 (-19,481,497)
  • Earnings per share were SEK -0.08 (-0.12)

The third year of the quarter marked the start of the fall’s series of scientific congresses where we also launched the new brand name Ozilia® that now replaces K.O.S on all markets where the treatment is offered. The period started with a poster presentation at the International Headache Congress in Seoul of the results from our crucial migraine study PM007. Ozilia® was mentioned by several other lecturers as a potentially valuable alternative when medication is not appropriate or desirable.

  • Study results presented at IHC2023 in Seoul
  • Submission of article manuscript for PM007
  • Presentation in Berlin of case study from the migraine study
  • Launch of new brand name Ozilia®
  • New commission analysis

Study results presented at IHC2023 in Seoul
After the first presentations in Austin and Berlin in July, the clinical study results from PM007 were also presented to basically the global leaders in migraine care, research and the industry at the International Headache Congress in Seoul September 14–17. This was the first time Chordate exhibited at an international level, which clearly indicated that Ozilia® is viewed as a relevant medicine-free alternative and knowledge about our treatment technique was properly disseminated among key congress participants. We were able to connect with valuable new contacts in both Europe and the USA that have the potential to lead the development of our business in an interesting direction.

Presentation in Berlin of case study from the migraine study
Dr. Tim Jürgens presented a case study from the migraine study PM007 at The German Migraine and Headache Society congress on June 30 in Berlin. The case study described one of the patients in the study with a headache that was very difficult to treat. After treatment with Ozilia®, the patient showed a sharp reduction in the number of migraine episodes, from 18 to 8 days. The positive effect lasted for four months without further treatment sessions. This is a single case with a remarkable effect. Given that the patient had few functional medical alternatives due to other illnesses, the report shows the value of Ozilia® as an alternative when other existing treatments are ineffective.

Article submitted for PM007
The authors of the PM007 study announced that they had submitted a manuscript to a prominent scientific journal at the end of August. After publication, the article will be a valuable tool in our marketing and sales effort. Published results are also a necessary basis for success in various reimbursement processes.

Launch of new brand name Ozilia®
Our treatment is now marketed under the name Ozilia® or Ozilia® Migraine. The new brand name is the next step in the rollout and commercialization of the treatment on our key markets. The name has been warmly received, with special attention given to the fact that it is a female name since around 70 percent of migraine patients are women.

New commission analysis
Of more than 900 listed companies in Sweden, it is estimated that one-third offer so-called commission analyses to facilitate the assessment of the company for its owners and stakeholders. Chordate is now ordering a commission analysis from Kalqyl for the same reason. We are taking steps toward the long-term goal of being able to offer our owners a bid from an international actor who is interested in adding our technology to their product portfolio. The value of the company should then theoretically be the same as the value that the buyer sees in marketing and selling the technology where it is active, often globally. We assume in principle that such hypothetical bids reasonably should constitute part of the theoretical value for the technology, but not all of it. Traditional equity or corporate analysis is often based on present value calculations of unrestricted cash flow; in other words, the value in the new few years of the profit that a business can generate itself that is not needed for some other activity in the business. The analysis principle, which is the most common and in most cases the proper tool, becomes problematic when the strategy in the company that is being analyzed instead is about showing a value in a buyer’s assessment—where the technology can have a much larger value for another party than what the company itself can achieve through profit generation from its own sales. We have therefore signed an agreement for a commissioned analysis from Kalqyl, which we, like most other small companies, will pay for. Kalqyl and other analysis firms conduct and publish their analyses at their own risk and independent from the client to preserve their reputation, which for them is crucial for their existence. We make the assessment that Kalqyl has the capacity and interest to perform a strategy-based analysis and publish it as part of the basis for the market’s assessment of Chordate.

Focus during the rest of the year
During the last part of the year, work will continue in our focus markets Finland, Germany, the UK, Italy, (Israel, unfortunately temporarily halted) and Saudi Arabia. The list of prospective clients is growing, and we are approaching our targets on several points. Marketing is in the form of exhibitions at specialist congresses:

  • IHC2023, Seoul, South Korea, 9/14–17
  • Deutscher Schmerzkongress 2023, Mannheim, 10/18–21
  • Neurologdagarna 2023, Helsinki, Finland, 11/1–3
  • EHC2023, Barcelona, 12/6–9

Kista, October 2023
Anders Weilandt, CEO

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