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Many people suffer from a congested, runny nose and frequent sneezing, a symptom called Rhinitis. Non-allergic rhinitis (NAR) is a very common disease which can impact your quality of life. KOS is a new treatment method designed to relieve you of the symptoms of NAR. Developed by Chordate Medical, the KOS method is a patient friendly non-surgical approach which does not require an anaesthetic or medication.

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A new way to treat NAR

Download our patient flyer Non-allergic rhinitis has been treated up until now with conventional treatments such as decongestant spray, corticosteroids and, in some cases, surgery. Long-term use of decongestant nasal spray can itself give rise to chronic nasal congestion, so called Rhinitis medicamentosa. Chordate Medical has developed a treatment method called “Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation” (KOS). This method represents a new way to treat Non-allergic rhinitis […]

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Testimonials from patients


Kent: “The KOS treatment was very mild. I had thought it was going to be uncomfortable but the feeling of it was hardly perceptible. Straight after the treatment I felt much better and after some weeks had gone by suddenly I felt completely normal. My nose was no longer blocked.”

Alf: “I suffered from a congested nose for many years and had tried a number of different treatment methods without any success. After receiving the KOS treatment the difference was like that between night and day. It was wonderful to be able to breathe again without difficulty.”

Göran: “For 30 years I suffered a lot from having a blocked nose and sneezing. I had tried ordinary nasal sprays and antihistamines but these didn’t help. After receiving treatment from Chordate my symptoms improved for 3-4 months.”


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